About The Author


Diane Giraudo McDermott is a native of Albuquerque, New Mexico. She graduated from the University of New Mexico with a Bachelor of Science degree in Education. After teaching in the public schools for several years in New Mexico and California, she moved into sales and marketing—focusing on print media.

Diane worked in marketing and advertising for over 15 years and in 1983 she purchased her first piece of real estate in California. Currently, Diane is president and owner of DGM Solutions, Inc., a real estate investment company that purchases foreclosure and tax auction properties to hold or remodel and re-sell. Diane is an active member of Invest in Debt whose primary focus is to provide solid knowledgeable education and networking for real estate investors. She also consults in the area of project development and management through her business, Smart Solutions.

Throughout her life, Diane has always been a creative problem solver and an advocate of animal rights. In 2009, she organized the sale of a house through a raffle benefiting a no-kill animal shelter and she has since consulted on a number of house raffles. She also offers workshops for homeowners, real estate brokers, and fundraising directors of nonprofit organizations on the subject of house raffles.

Diane’s personal goal is to continuously support America’s no-kill animal shelters—“Domesticated animals are innocent and completely subject to the choices man has made for them. I see them as a wonderful expression of an idea that started in the mind of God.  I believe we owe them compassionate care.”

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