Raffle Ticket Format

Solution To Mailing Raffle Tickets

Diane Giraudo McDermott – June 7, 2010

United States Postal regulations prohibit the mailing of lottery and raffle tickets. This is a federal law mandated by congress. Although many nonprofit organizations continue to mail raffle tickets, I recommend that you not mail the official ticket, but mail a ticket confirmation to the ticket buyer and retain the official ticket to place into the container for the drawing.

     If the charity wants to save postage costs for mailings, then they may choose to only e-mail copies of the ticket confirmation, however, some people still do not have access to the Internet so keep that in mind.

 The Look of the Ticket

 Include the following information on the Official Ticket:

 • Ticket number in bold type (tickets must be consecutively numbered). 

• The word “raffle” (Do not write words such as gift or donation). 

• Name of the nonprofit organization

 • List of prizes. If you have many prizes beyond the prize home, just state it in general terms, for example, over $25,000 in other prizes. 

• Address of the prize home and a brief description such as 4 Bedroom Home valued at XXX. 

• Date, Time, Place of drawing.

 • The cost of the ticket. 

• Any additional information required by your state.

      If your state does not require that you include the place of the drawing on the ticket, I recommend that you don’t include the location so that you will have more time to determine an appropriate location after you have a better feeling of the number of people who may attend the drawing. The charity can advertise the drawing location on its website a few weeks before the drawing date. 

     The Official ticket will be kept and placed in the raffle container for the drawing. In order for all the tickets to fit in the drum, make this ticket small. Print it on card stock with the ticket number at 14 point font size, and the rest of the information at 8 point font size. Wait to print the official tickets until you’re positive you won’t need an extension so that the official ticket has the final drawing date on it. The following is an example of an Official Ticket: 

Ticket No. 1875                                                      OFFICIAL
AAA Best Charity House Raffle
Ticket Cost: $100, Prizes: 4 Bedroom Home valued at XXX
777 Silver Dr. Belen, New Mexico or $100,000 cash
plus $25,000 in other  prizes. Drawing Date/Time
May 12, 2010 at 3:00 pm MST, Drawing
Location:  777 Silver Dr., Belen, New Mexico  

     The ticket confirmation that you send to the ticket buyer, after their payment has been verified, will have the same information on it but enlarged. It will not be printed on card stock. You can also add more information to the ticket confirmation such as a list of sponsors, contact information, and added instructions. The following is an example of a ticket confirmation, or “unofficial ticket.”   

Ticket No. 1875                                                           Ticket Confirmation     
AAA Best Charity House Raffle
Ticket Cost: $100
Prizes:4 Bedroom Home valued at XXX located at: 777 Silver Dr. Belen, New Mexico
or $100,000 cash PLUS $25,000 in other  prizes.
Drawing Date/Time: May 12, 2010 at 3:00 pm MST
Drawing Location:777 Silver Dr., Belen, NM
Thank you to our sponsors: XXX Best Plumbing, XXX Best Printer,
XXX Best Home Mortgage, XXX Pet Store, XXX Best Furniture  -Prize winners do not have to be present to win.
-The actual “official ticket” will be placed in the raffle container for the drawing.
-You are not required to present this copy—your name is logged with this ticket No. 
-For additional raffle information call: 000-000-0000

     Your printer will be your best guide on how to print a cheap ticket; or maybe you can ask a printer to donate the printing and include the printer’s name as a sponsor on the ticket confirmation. Explain that approximately 4,000 people (or your ticket amount) will see the printer’s name. Your local printer can print raffle tickets that are consecutively numbered for the official ticket.  

     There are many companies that also sell printed raffle tickets. I don’t recommend those tickets unless you customize the ticket to fit your needs. Many raffle equipment company tickets have a tear-off stub where the ticket buyer keeps one part of the ticket and the raffle holder keeps the other part. The portion that the raffle holder keeps is small and doesn’t provide space for all the information that is needed. For this reason, you are using an entry form; in essence, this is your portion of the ticket that will be matched to the official ticket at the drawing.

     If there is an extension of the drawing date, ticket buyers who purchased before the extension will have the original drawing date on their copy of the Raffle Rules and Restrictions; nevertheless, the Raffle Rules and Restrictions state that there can be an extension, and these ticket buyers will have received a written notification of the new date so this should not cause a problem. Some states require that you provide a sample of your ticket for approval. To avoid any glitches, I recommend that you submit a ticket sample of both the ticket confirmation, and the official ticket.

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