Help With a House Raffle

Whether you’re a homeowner, a real estate agent, a lender, or a nonprofit, you can get extra help with a house raffle. Maybe you need help connecting with the right nonprofit or homeowner, help making sure you have a solid partnership arrangement, a review of the raffle marketing plan, or help in creating a winning raffle formula. Diane is available in the following ways:

Phone Consultation:
First consultation call is for a minimum one hour slot. This gives Diane the time to learn the details of your house raffle so she can get a better understanding of your needs and be sure that you’re on track to success. RATE: $60/hour

Subsequent calls can be as short as 10 minutes. So if an additional question comes up, or if you need further clarification, sign up for a 10 minute consultation. RATE: $$10/10 minutes.

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In-Person Consultation:
Diane can also join you in meetings, such as the homeowner and the nonprofit, or the realtor and the homeowner. Or meet you for an in-person consultation. RATE: $75/hour  ($20/hour drive-time charge outside the city of Albuquerque). For an in-person consultation outside the state of New Mexico contact Diane for specific arrangements.

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How to arrange a phone or in-person consultation:
After you have paid for your consultation session, call Diane to set up a consultation time. You can also e-mail or Fax three available dates and times and Diane will confirm one of them. Please include your phone number on the Fax and the e-mail.

Training Workshop For Your Staff:
At a pre-arranged date, Diane can hold a one day training workshop at your facility for your entire staff which can include board members, volunteers, employees, or others as required. The training is from 8 am – 5 pm or 9 am – 6pm OR two half days can be set-up to meet your schedule. All forms and support materials needed to complete a house raffle in New Mexico will be provided for your group. FEE: $1,200

To sign-up for a Training Workshop for your staff, CLICK HERE

How to arrange a Training Workshop For Your Staff:
1) Review your schedule and decide on three days that your staff is available for a workshop.
2) Create a list of people you will have at the workshop.
3) Contact Diane by phone or e-mail to schedule your workshop date.

NOTE: If you decide that you will be doing a house raffle, schedule the workshop training at least 30 days before you want to begin selling raffle tickets. With proper planning, a nonprofit could bring in $50,000 to $100,000 for its cause.

Assist with your house raffle:
Diane can also assist with your raffle. She can customize her work by creating a list of duties she will perform for your raffle and adjust the fee accordingly. To find out more about having Diane assist with specific duties of your house raffle, set-up a free consultation time with Diane so she can thoroughly explain the process and find out what your needs are. Contact Diane by e-mail or phone to discuss this help option.

Office: 505-873-6594 ( 8 Am – 5 PM Mountain Time)
Fax: 505-873-3724

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