If you’re invovled with fundraising for a nonprofit organization, and you’re open to an innovative fundraising alternative that can provide a sizable chunk of cash to support your charity, you’re time has come. A House Raffle could bring in $50,000.00 to $100,000.00 for your cause,  plus, there are 3 added benefits to the charity as you’ll see under BONUSES below.

Recent articles from The Chronicle of Philanthropy – The Newspaper of the Nonprofit World demonstrate the plight of nonprofits in a down economy:

  • While donations are down for many charities, the need for their services has increased.
  • Reduced government funding has hurt many charities.
  • Charities are finding that they need to risk trying new ideas.
  • Donations are down from 2009 for many charities.
  • The down economy has caused some charities to close their doors.

How has the down economy affected your organization?

A House Raffle can be a way to raise funds without asking for a donation!

GIVE - thousands of  ticket buyers a chance to win a valuable prize.

GIVE - the homeseller a chance to sell their home in a sluggish real estate market.

THEN GET –  for your organization.

A HOUSE RAFFLE, can be a win win for everyone especially for the charity.


#1. The charity will get an added number of donors in their donor list. Say you sell 4,000 tickets–that can mean 4,000 new names to your data base.

#2. You’re building rapport, promoting your cause, gaining more exposure for your charity as you form new relationships with thousands of future donors.

#3. You have the opportunity to bring in a chunk of cash to support the charity’s cause.

Are there risks?

Yes. However, you can greatly minimize any risk by learning the steps to succeed and learning how to prepare before you sell the first ticket.

Are house raffles legal?

Only three states do not allow raffles–Arkansas, Kansas, and Hawaii. New Mexico has a very reasonable set of requirements in order to comply with New Mexico gaming laws.

Even if you never do a house raffle, the exposure to a new tool of fundraising is a good thing.  Learn how to do it, then decide if you want to do it.

As a former teacher, I’ll walk you through the entire process step-by-step.  And with my marketing and sales background you could possibly learn about  some ideas that you’ve never tried.

Check out the tab titled “Help With a House Raffle” on this website in order to see the different ways in which I’m available to help you with your house raffle fundraiser.

I’m looking forward to working with you.

To your success!
Diane Giraudo McDermott

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