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In a down economy, many home sellers face countless roadblocks from an overabundance of homes on the market, a drop in property values, to a large number of buyers unable to qualify for a mortgage. This same economic climate creates a significant drop in nonprofit charity donations from the public, reduced government spending for nonprofits, and an ever-increasing demand for services provided by these charities. As a result, home sellers are likely to experience months of struggle and frustration, and charities must cut back on their services or face closing their doors.

 The purpose of this book is to partner homeowners with their favorite nonprofit charity to get their homes sold through a raffle with the home as the grand prize and thus provide a cash benefit to the nonprofit organization. The book is written for home sellers and fundraising directors of nonprofit organizations.

 As a home seller, selling your house in a raffle is a way for you to get the fair market value, a below-market price, or a break-even price. The choice is yours—you are the seller. And you can enlist the services of a real estate agent and still use the house raffle process as a method to finding a charity buyer, or you can do this on your own without a real estate agent. The benefits of using an agent in a conventional sale of real estate are the same in a house raffle—the agent helps to find a buyer, the agent shows the property, and the agent walks you through the paperwork. However, although you may have the benefit of a realtor’s expertise, it’s critical that your agent has taken the time to learn the house raffle process.

 This is a wonderful way for a nonprofit t organization to raise funds, increase its data-base of donors, and create more visibility for its organization locally and nationally as well.

 The greatest challenge all nonprofits face, in any economy, is raising money. So home sellers in an up economy may still take this opportunity to partner with a nonprofit organization offering their home as a grand prize and win on two counts—selling their home at the asking price without waiting for a qualified buyer, and supporting a worthy cause as well.

 I Sold My House in a Raffle takes the home seller and the nonprofit director through the entire process—step-by-step. Home sellers must know precisely what it takes to have a successful raffle. This knowledge will help them during the interview process with different charities to be sure the charities understand the course of action and are fully prepared to get the required number of tickets sold. Secondly, a nonprofit organization might be very interested in holding a house raffle fundraiser, but may not know how to proceed, and having the raffle process outlined for them will show them the path to success. Thirdly, home sellers may find that they need or want to be actively involved with helping the nonprofit organization reach the target number of raffle ticket sales.


So if you’re a homeowner who would like to sell your house through a raffle, or a real estate agent who would like to use the house raffle tool to get more listings, or to present this option to the owners of a current listing, OR if you’re involved with fundraising for  a nonprofit organization, then this book is for you. I Sold My House in a Raffle will take you through the entire process step-by-step.




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